OpenDCP 0.30

Creates packages for use in digital images

Make digital cinema packages both in 2K and 4K resolution and including SMPTE subtitles. The tool embeds full 3D support and the ability to work with all major framerates.

OpenDCP is an open source program to create digital cinema packages (DCP) for use in digital cinema.

Main features:

- JPEG2000 encoding from 8/12/16-bit TIFF images
- Supports all major frame rates (24,25,30,48,50,60)
- Cinema 2K and 4K
- XYZ color space conversion
- MXF file creation
- SMPTE and MXF Interop
- Full 3D support
- DCP XML file creation
- SMPTE subtitles
- Multithreaded for encoding performance
- XML Digital signatures.

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